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- In-person sessions

  Hinsdale, IL

- Online sessions in      38 states.




Available for:

- Adults

- Adolescents

- Couples


Areas of expertise: - Depression

- Anxiety

- Relationship issues

- Anger

- Social difficulties  



23 N. Lincoln St

Hinsdale, IL 60521


Online sessions


(773) 606-1871








Dr. Brian Weir, Psychologist

Are you ready for a better life?

Hi, I'm Brian.  I am so glad you chose to learn more about how I can help you. Finding a good therapist can be difficult. Credentials and experience are fairly straight forward to evaluate, but for a good therapeutic match your sense of comfort is essential.

Therefore, I offer a free phone consultation to help you determine if I am a good match for you.  


I have helped others like you improve their relationships, overcome anxiety, depression and anger.  Social difficulties, self-esteem and personal growth are often areas of focus.  

My approach


Naturally, each person and their issues have unique aspects and therefore my treatment approach will vary to some degree.  Often a goal of therapy is to replace blind habit with choice.  Among many approaches I use, we may explore your past as it relates to the here and now which can uncover patterns that you unknowingly engage in.  At times I may offer specific exercises and tools for you to practice on your own.  Recognizing your strengths, we will work on building genuine self-confidence, self-esteem, and finding motivation and support to overcome obstacles in life.  

Couples counseling

My work with couples often focuses on finding the underlying conflict and/or unmet needs that can end up festering and eroding the foundation of the relationship.  I help each partner discover these needs and communicate in more accurate and productive ways.  This can help each other genuinely want to understand and meet each other's needs, instead of deny/defend patterns that may exist.  In cases of various forms of infidelity, after the direction and goal of therapy is explored, we may examine conditions that led to the behavior and learn from them to build a stronger and healthy relationship.  Moreover, this process can help toward establishing long term forgiveness and trust.  It can be surprising what is possible to overcome and how much better things can be.  

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