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Dr. Brian Weir, Psychologist
 About Dr. Weir  

It isn't really about me, its all about you!  However, if you want to know more about me to help you determine if I am a good match for you I will give you bit of background. 

For those familiar with psychological theory, I would describe my therapeutic approach as integrative drawing on psychodynamic, relational, and cognitive behavioral theories.  I believe our unconscious can influence our behaviors and often a task of therapy is to replace blind habit with choice.  I am also influenced by Heinz Kohut who emphasizes empathy in therapy and said “at the root of pathology is empathic failure.”  I value cognitive behavioral techniques and I often provide those tools when applicable.  When it comes to treating couples I use the research of The Gottman Institute to guide my approach and use many of their strategies as well as others, toward helping you find satisfaction in your relationship.

So you might ask, “What brought you to pursue a career in psychology?”  I have had an interest in psychology for about as long as I can remember having any career goal. However, it was just an idea until I started making it a reality in college. At Michigan State University I majored in Psychology and I became involved with an adolescent diversion program for troubled youth.  I enjoyed this mentoring experience and it helped channel my empathy and desire to help others into a career goal. 

While attending graduate school at the Illinois School of Professional Psychology, my first experience began as a mental health worker on a psych unit at St. Elizabeth Hospital in Chicago. Seeing patients with some of the most severe psychological diagnoses was both heartbreaking and educative.  For my next training experience, I was thrilled to be selected to conduct psychological evaluations of children and adolescents at University of Chicago's Orthogenic School. The wonderful kids there faced the challenges of emotional problems, learning disabilities and autism.  It was once again both a heartbreaking and educational experience.

My next three years of training experiences consisted of providing psychological counseling to college students at Northern Illinois University, Benedictine University, and Lake Forest College.  The wide variety of issues, and ranges of severity that students present with were excellent training experiences for my eventual goal of being in private practice.  Moreover, the training provided at these college counseling centers was intensive and enlightening.  

I enjoyed my classes and these training experiences thoroughly and graduated with a doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology.  Soon after the completion of my degree, I began a post-doctoral fellowship at Lakeview Center for Psychotherapy in Chicago. Working among this group of independent practitioners is where I learned the in's and out's of private practice and gained a wide range of experience treating individuals and couples.


Years later, and now with a wife and two adorable kids, it was time for my growing family to head for the suburbs.  I was enthusiastic to finally start my own practice in the suburbs.  I chose the beautiful community of Hinsdale in part because it was close to home, but also far enough away to allow my clients to have their anonymity.  After all, it really is a small world and your privacy is essential.  No one wants to bump into their therapist at a school function, or at the local grocery store.  


Although I like to sprinkle in a little humor when I can, I take my work very seriously and my caring is sincere.  I truly enjoy having these therapeutic relationships.  Being able to help others in this way is tremendously fulfilling and it drives me to continue learning to provide the best care that I can.  

Well, that is enough about me.  Now I want to hear about you!


Thanks! Message sent.

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